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Gateway City Academy has been serving the community since 1992. We have been priviledged to come along parents and children to help prepare these students for a competitive, skill proficient, creative world.

Please see results below:

Standford Achievement Test Results Grades 1st through 8th
* Reading 90% are on or above the 55th National percentile
* Mathematics: 80% are on or above the 55th National percentile.
New York State Assessments Grades 4th through 8th
* Grade 4th English Language Arts:             100% in level 3 or 4
* Grade 4th Mathematics:                              100% in level 3 or 4
* Grade 8th English Arts:                               78% in level 3 or 4
* Grade 8th Mathematics:                               79% in level 3 or 4
Our graduates have been accepted into the top high school programs in the city such as: Bard High School Early College, Staten Island Technical School, Midwood High School Pre-Medical or Humanities Programs, Brooklyn Technical High School, High School of Performing Arts, and many more.  
Presently Gateway City Academy Grade School serves Kindergarten to 8th grade and between eighty-five to ninety per cent (85/90%) of our student population who attend Kindergarten remains in the school through eighth grade. Our average class size (school-wide) is sixteen (16) students.
Gateway City Academy is an outgrowth of the church, Gateway City Church.  GCA (Grades Kindergarten to 8th Grade) teaches Biblical Christian principles. 
All other programs; Gateway Universal Pre-K, Gateway Summer Camp Camp and Gateway City Academy After School program are non sectarian. No religious content is taught.
Over the years we have been able to further serve the various people groups that encompass this area. It is our pleasure to embrace all ethnic groups and various walks of life with authentic respect and care.



Program Features:



*  Curriculum built upon New York State Common Core Standards.

* Pathway to Excellence Program for the academically struggling students.

* Physical Education, Art, Music & Movement, Performing Arts.



~ After school tutoring ~

~ Extended Care (early arrival and late pick up) ~ 

~ Yellow School Bus service and metro cards ~


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