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About the Academy K to 8th Grade:
I wanted to take the time to let you know that my son absolutely loved your summer camp and adored the entire school year. He was extremely happy with your school. I, of course, am thrilled as a single parent to see how the staff made my son feel welcome  and cared for. There is a high level of respect among the staff that I have not seen anywhere else. Gateway City Academy has a level of professionalism, respect, understanding, caring and dedication for our children that is beyond comparison. As a parent I feel safe leaving my son in your care because you and your staff genuinely demonstrate how much all the students mean to all of you. I have to say that all of you have made an incredible difference in the life of my son and mine.
I would like to send a warm thanks to the staff who I've had the pleasure of meeting and having brief conversations on a day to day basis during the school year and during summer camp: Ms. Marie, Ms. Jackie, Ms. Ellen, Mr. Richie, Ms. Madeline, Ms. Kathy, Ms. Anelise, and Ms. Teresa. Words are sincerely not enough to express my gratitude to each and everyone of you who have taken such good care of my only child and have taken the time to understand me as a parent. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope this is only the beginning of a long journey that my son will have with your school because I couldn't think of a better family-like setting for my son to learn and grow. 
My wife and I sent our four children to Gateway City Acedemy for 12 years until there was a change in my employment. Two of them went to public high school. The first attended Staten Island Technical High School and is now attending Cooper Union for Mechanical Engineering. The second is attending CSI High School for International Studies and is on High Honor Roll. the third is attending I.S. 61 in the High Honors Class taking drama as her specialty and our fourth, and last, child is attending P.S. 30 in Staten Island. She is a grade ahead of her age and is getting 3's and 4's in her academic work.
We attribute much of this to the excellent education they recieved from their time at Gateway City Academy. I highly recommend the quality of teaching and mentoring that takes place at this school.   -P.T.
Our son has been a student at Gateway City Academy since the age of five. This school has helped him tremendously to develop academically. His grades have improved greatly, and he has more self confidence when doing school work and taking tests. My son also receives speech therapy through Gateway City Academy, which has also been a great blessing and has enhanced his understanding of learning how to follow directions, reading comprehension, writing sentences, and understanding concepts and ideas.
My son's teachers work very hard with him and every child who attends Gateway. Because of their dedication and love, our son has developed greatly. We are very thankful for this program and pray that it will continue to grow so that other children will be reached and brought to academic excellence like our son has. I highly recommend this program.   -R.D.
I would like to express my most heartfelt feelings about Gateway City Acdemy and their wonderful staff! Gateway is more than just a school, they are family to my daughter and I. Their curriculum is excellent and the way they treat their students with love, care and emotional support is priceless.
There was a period in my life when my daughter and I were going through a very difficult time. My daughter lost her father due to the after effects of 9/11, and within a year and a half of that time I lost my mother and uncle. I was also in a hard financial situation including foreclosure on my house. I felt more dead than alive.
This is when Gateway City Academy staff members proved more than ever to me that they were not just a school but a part of my family. They emotionally supported my daughter and I and kept us in prayer throughout my difficult time. I was suffering from anxiety and panic attacks, but I knew in my heart that when I left my daughter in school that she would be in the best care possible. They have been and continue to be a blessing to my daughter and I.
My daughter is very happy and loves going to school to be with her friends and teachers. They love her so much and I couldn't ask for a better school.
I take every opportunity I can to talk about Gateway City Academy. Their academics and curriculum are wonderful. I tell every parent that they can rest assure that thier child will be in God's hands.
This is one of the best decisions that I've ever made in my life and I will never regret it.  -M.B.
I'm a parent of a 4th grader who has attended GCA since he was 4 years old and attended there UPK program. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to send my children to this school. There is nothing but professionalism among their staff and Teachers, Academically my son is very advance and their curriculum is great. They have also been significant asset in our spirtual lives. GCA has been a great blessing in our lives.  -M.A.
As the parent and sibling of two students at Gateway City Academy, I must say that my experience has been exceptional. The education my children receive is outstanding. each student has opportunity of one-on-one instruction as the class setting is small and intimate. This expeerience has made a significant imprint on their spirtual and academic life, and for that I am eternally thankful. -L.M
About the UPK:
My daughter was a student in the 2010-2011 UPK program at Gateway City Academy. Throughout the school year, my daughter was exposed to many interesting and exciting topics, books and art projects that have helped shape and prepare her for Kindergarten.
My daughter learned so much and always came home happy and excited to share about her day, especially when she went out on local/community trips. She was exposed to nature and all its elements through the nature walks and she also met some of the community service men while visiting the firehouse close by.
I want to personally thank her teachers for helping my daughter learn so much and for making learning fun. Because of them my duaghter has a love for books and a hunger to learn new things.
I am pleased with the UPK program at Gateway City Academy and will highly recommend it to my family and friends.
Thank you once again for setting a foundation in my daughter's educational path.   -M.P.
I would like to thank the UPK staff at Gateway City Academy for the outstanding work they have done. My daughter had a wonderful time in Pre-K.
My daughter has learned so much with the variety of topics, books, trips and information the teachers provided for her. This was a great experience for my daughter; she always came home with exciting details of her day at Pre-K. She was always happy to come to school.
This school was recommended to me by a friend, and I can see why. I would highly recommend this program to my family and friends. -L.S.
I would like to thank the UPK staff at Gateway City Academy for all the work they have done for my daughter. She really had a wonderful experience and a lot of fun in Pre-K.
My daughter learned a lot of things as her teachers exposed her and all the children to a variety of topics and experiences through trips and books. She was very happy and had a lot of fun, and she couldn't wait for the next day of school. My daughter would frequently tell me, "I wish there is no weekend."
I would highly recommend this program to my family and friends. I appreciate Gateway City Academy's UPK staff for all their hard work. -Ms. R.
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